Main Components of Information Technology Systems

The main components of the Information Technology system are:

a. Hardware (Hardware)

It is a physical computer device. Hardware is divided into four, namely:

  • Input Device: That is the device used to enter data. Examples: Keyboard, mouse, microphone, and camera
  • Processing Unit: Commonly referred to as the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The center or brain of the computer. Consists of arithmetic and logic components (ALU), control unit, and Main Memory
  • Output Device: Device used to present or display data. Examples: Monitors, projectors, speakers, and others
  • Storage: Device used to store data. For example: Hard disk and flash.

b. Software (Software)

Is a computer program created with scripts in a particular programming language. Software is divided into 4 parts, namely:

  • Operating System: software that functions to manage the working system of all hardware and software on the computer. For example: Windows, MacOs, Linux, Chrome OS, and others.
  • Application: software that is used to perform certain tasks. For example: to make a letter using the Microsoft Office Word application.
  • Programming Language: instructions in the form of program code used to create application software. Examples of programming languages ​​can be seen in the article: 15 Most Popular Programming Languages
  • Query Language: used to process data in an application. Example SQL

c. Brain Devices (Brainware)

Braiware are computer users, for example: programmers, system analysts, database administrators, and others.

Classification of Information Technology

Information technology is classified into three parts as follows:

a. Classification of Information Technology Based on Processed Data

  • Analog Computer
  • Digital Computer
  • Hybrid Computer

b. Classification of Information Technology Based on System Function

  • Special Purpose Computer
  • General Purpose Computer

c. Classification of Information Technology Based on Size

  • Super Computer
  • Intermediate Computer
  • Small Computer
  • Mini Computer

The classification of information technology is likely to be discussed in detail in a special material.


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